Now in my eleventh year of teaching English, I’ve returned to Riga after stints in Valencia and Almaty. To do something new to get me through the winter, I decided to visit every district of Riga , have a drink (a coffee in a cafe, a beer in a bar or a kvass on the street) and photo the experiences and selected parts of Riga’s 58 districts (apkaimes.)

After finishing that in August 2014, I decided to cast the new wider and visit all 29 towns in Riga planning region.



11 thoughts on “About

  1. Love the blog concept! Great idea – looking forward to hearing more. 🙂

    Just launched a little something with a couple of Latvian friends too – hopefully something of a resource for those ex-pats living in Latvia, and something for those looking to move. http://lifeinriga.com

    Will be keeping up with your adventures. Cheers!

  2. Interesting blog, Expat Eye on Latvia mentioned that you have done the CELTA. Thinking about coming to Latvia to see about getting the cert. Could I get you give me the low down on it. Thanks.

      • I’m also planning to take the Celta with IH Riga in the summer. As archecotech hasn’t asked more, then I guess I will!

        My main question is how likely do you think it is that I could start teaching in Riga immediately after completing the CELTA course there? I don’t have teaching experience, but I’m pretty enthusiastic about moving there – any tips on what I can do over the next few months to prepare for the course? I read on the IH Riga site if you attain a level B or level A pass, they would consider hiring you after. Also, what is your general opinion of IH Riga?

      • To be honest, as a native speaker, you’d be fine with just a pass. Pre-course read up on grammar books and web pages like englishpage.com. The Jim Skrivener book is also good.

        Summers in Latvia are short and the locals, like everywhere, like to take advantage. There is work around, but it usually goes to people already here, so as a newbie you’d be at a disadvantage. Generally you’d be looking at mid-September onwards before work would pick up. Have enough case to last you until the Autumn.

        IH Riga, plus points, good facilities, central, management that know their stuff. Negatives, same as with many other IH schools. Accommodation can be in craphole council estates on the edge of town, pay is crap and they can get arsey with you if you do other work, especially with other schools.

      • Thanks for such a quick reply. Okay, I will consider arranging my own accomodation then.. Linda from expat eye said the pay at IH Riga was much better than free-lancing – but you think it’s better to be independent? Maybe they only pay experienced teachers well? Thanks again for your honest advice – this is quite a big decision for me!

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