Game 6: Olaine v 1625 Liepaja, Viersliga, 15th August 2015

My friend’s impressions of her footballing trip to Olaine with me a couple of weeks ago.

Groundhopping Girl

Latvian football was the aim for this weekend as my good friend John lives in Riga and I’ve been promising him a visit for about 10 years. So after days of planning, SpursBoy and I picked out Saturday 15th August as the day we’d finally come and visit. Skonto Riga were due to play FB Gulbene, cheap flights were purchased, hotel was booked, and my first international hop of the season was imminent.

And then it went wrong. Because FB Gulbene got thrown out of the Latvian league for match fixing. A series of heavy defeats, including a 4-0 defeat at home to Ventspils, were proven to have been thrown at the request of betting syndicates who paid club officials. With Gulbene out of the league, there was no top flight game to go to on Saturday.

Luckily our host had a plan B, so at about 1pm we met…

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