Words commonly confused by Latvians in English

English teacher LV

Time for a follow-up, of sorts, to my February post on common mistakes Latvians make in English.

I often come across written homework tasks like this:

“I want to tell about my holiday. I visited London last month. When I came there, I drove with bus to the centre. I lived in a nice hotel for two weeks.”

Spot the mistakes?

There are four.

Give up?


I win.

First of all, tell versus say. These two are often confused. The main difference is that with tell, you need to say who you tell. So the above should be “I want to tell you about my holiday.” With say, it’s not important to say who you spoke to. So for example “He said (that) he is sick” is fine.

With say, a common mistake is “He said me he is sick.” Say me doesn’t work in English.

There are other…

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