Want to study in Iran?

English teacher LV

Iran is not exactly top of people’s list of places to either study or visit. The land of the mad mullahs (according to the tabloids) or part of the Axis of Evil (according to George W Bush,) a visa before arrival policy together with its reputation for religious extremism already scares away the casual tourists, which is a shame. I’ve never been myself, though it’s long been on my list. In part my interest stems from my first 2 years teaching English in Spain, when I shared a flat with an Iranian guy and a Syrian. As I’m from Belfast, we got half joking comments “what you guys got going on? Al Qaeda-IRA meetings?” and suggestions that all we needed was a Basque housemate to complete the image.

However, if Iranian people in Iran are even half as friendly as the Iranian expats I’ve met (and I’m told they are) people are missing…

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