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With my Riga districts wanderings coming to an end this Saturday, I’m trying to think of different ideas what to do next in blogland.

One suggestion is to do the same, but just with towns in Riga region. Another is to visit all bars in centrs and Vecriga and write reviews. Given that the bars there change constantly, that would be a neverending process. Another idea is to visit different kinds of sports events, every possible one going, ice hockey, basketball etc. Any other suggestions?

I’ve created a sub-blog English teacher LV, which is going to be more focused on the English teaching side of things, in the spirit of the Common mistakes Latvians make in English post. The first post is now up: Words commonly confused by Latvians in English. At some point soon, I’m hoping to do “Common Mistakes Latvians make in English (part II) as every horror film deserves a sequel.


18 thoughts on “Future/New blog

    • I’m interested in visiting the various Riga region towns, but I can see a few problems. I came up with this idea to pass the weekends in winter time and my main collaborators Eddie and Linda were certainly up for it. The problem is that Linda is going and Eddie sees his lady on Sundays, leaving only Saturday, when he works till 3pm, so by the time we’d get to some of them, it would already be nearly dark, especially in the November-January period. I’ll have to think about it, but it sounds doable.

      • Hello! I don’t know you, but having followed a link from Linda’s blog (Expat Eye on Latvia), I might be interested 🙂 I’m a Latvian-Canadian who has recently relocated to Latvia, and always looking to meet new people and explore new places. I’ve been to a smattering of different places in Latvia, but save for Jūrmala, haven’t been to much of the Rīga region.

      • Hello! Sure, it would be great. I’m hoping to start it in October, as I’ll be out of Latvia for a month. The places I’m hoping to visit are those in Riga planning region (link here) which apart from Riga, means Jurmala and 28 others.

      • Cool! I’ll be out of Latvia for most of September too, so no worries. If we’re talking about the Rīga planning region, I have been to a few more of those towns (Tukums, Limbaži, Sigulda), but there’s still plenty of I haven’t explored 🙂 To find my private contact details, just click on my Gravatar profile and you’ll get the links to my blogs, where you will find my email address. Drop me a line!

      • Hello! I’m back from my September travels, so whenever you are, drop me a line if you want to meet up to discuss the possibility of visiting Riga region towns together! I saw in another post that you go to Moloney’s Irish Pub regularly – I live very close to it, so we can meet up there if you want!

    • Yeah, I’ve decided to do that, the ones linked in the reply to Antra above. Hopefully as usual, you’ll be able to contribute your expert advice in advance, which is always much appreciated 🙂

  1. You could pop in a couple posts about different beers you prefer or avoid. Something in the likes of beer reviews. I would definitely be interested in hearing your thoughts about different latvian/foreign beers. I doubt that it’s enough for a seperate blog, but a couple of posts on best/worst/blandest/most interesting would be great.

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