A month ago I blogged about mistakes Latvians make in English. With 17,000 views, 1,200 shares on Facebook and 71 on Twitter it turned out to be my busiest post. In it, I mentioned Stockmann’s sign “Next cash at your service.” Well, obviously someone at Stockmann was paying attention since, to my amusement this week, I noticed that it’s gone from this…


to this…


so Stockmann, since you’re reading, pretty, pretty please can you restart selling the 500 gram Solo Italia Tiramisu? They sell it in the Stockmann in Tallinn.

Who says blogging is a waste of time?

Now I’m just waiting on Swedbank to change this monstrosity…

No, but a receipt would be nice.

No, but a receipt would be nice.

Go on Swedbank, you know it’s *a* good idea.


2 thoughts on “Success!

  1. Haha, that is so funny! A little blog post changed the world!!!! 😀 Good on ya, your heritage will live forever “the one who corrected the Stockmann sign*

    Btw, not too sure if this is true but I’ve been told that Finnair ages ago advertised their first flights to Asia (?) with how easily they “break the wind” on long hauls.

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